Whether you are looking to acquire property for commercial/residential purposes or buying for investment, at OSS we understand the requirements and issues and have the professional capability to support you. This professional capability is equally supportive when selling off these assets. Of utmost importance to OSS, is the need to ensure that the most effective due diligence is carried out prior to any real estate or property transaction. This results in safeguarding our clients’ resources as well as ensuring the security of any future title to property. Both buyers and property owners benefit from our vast knowledge of the law relating to property acquisition and ownership.

Real Estate Services at OSS include the following:

• Commercial and residential leasing

• Condominium and flat development

• Construction contracts and disputes

• Reciprocal easement agreements

• Construction and permanent financing (representing lenders and borrowers)

• Property sales, acquisition, due diligence and closing

• Survey and title registration

• Defense and resolution of disputes and claims involving land owners, real estate brokers and real estate agents

• Environmental investigation, due diligence and remediation

• Condemnation issues and disputes

• Litigation at levels of Courts in Ghana involving real estate conflicts and disputes